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The Beatles Tribute Band website is solely dedicated to the countries best Beatles Tribute Bands. If you are looking to book a top quality Beatles Tribute Band for your function you've come to the right place! Beatles Tribute Bands are one of the most popular tribute band choices when booking tribute entertainment for an occasion involving a wide variety of different ages of guest. The music of The Beatles includes some of the best, internationally known songs ever written, making Beatles Tribute Bands easily one of the best choices possible for any Corporate event, Wedding reception or any other kind of family age ranging event.

Check out the map below to find an act near your Wedding or Corporate function or click the image or following text to read about The History of The Beatles.

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pricing information

The Beatles Tribute Bands shown will display a rough price. We must stress that this is just a rough price and could easily vary up or down.

Beatles Tribute Band prices will vary depending on many factors including duration of live performance, how long they need to be on site and of course travel mentioned below.

On each Beatles Tribute Band page we'll explain their prices in more detail.

travel charges

The 'Travel' figure shown is how far each Beatles Tribute Band will travel before charges need to be added to their basic price.

** Travel is always charged in ONE direction only. **

Beatles Tribute Bands, in most cases, will be happy to travel distances of 150 to 200 miles to get to your function before any travel charges are added, so don't worry if there aren't any bands right on your doorstep.

Although the mileage price in some cases my seem a lot higher than just fuel costs, this price is often covering member's wages for hours on the road and food costs when traveling long distances. Nope, it's not unheard of for Beatles Tribute Bands to spend 6-8hrs on the road getting to and from a gig!

When travel reaches a certain limit the customer may need to find over night accommodation for their Beatles Tribute Band, some bands will pay for their own accommodation at a cost agreed in advance. This will be detailed on the bands price window.

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Beatles Tribute Bands

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The Birmingham Beatles

The Birmingham Beatles present a tribute to the most popular band in the world ever! You guessed it, The Beatles! Performing all their live hits. The band beautifully recreate the sound of the Fab Four from 1962-1966. More info »

Price: £940 - 1515

Travel: First 30 miles are free, then 75p for every extra mile. Accommodation must be provided on top if over 175 miles travel from home area.

The Liverpool Beatles

The Liverpool Beatles have one of the best pedigree line-ups of any UK Beatles tribute. One band member starred in the BAFTA Award winning film 'Backbeat', another member part of chart topping 80's band China Crisis. More info »

Price: £1750 - 2350

Travel: First 80 miles are free, then £1 for every extra mile. Accommodation must be provided on top if over 200 miles travel.

The Newcastle Beatles

The Newcastle Beatles are regarded as one of the U.K's leading tribute acts, playing to ecstatic sell-out audiences throughout the world and regularly appearing on national television and radio. More info »

Price: £1175 plus VAT upwards

Travel: First 30 miles free then £3 per mile of every extra mile. Accommodation will be provided from this charge by the band if required.

The Sidcup Beatles

'May I introduce to you ' - One of the UK's leading Beatles tribute bands. Musically, no detail is overlooked to re-create the true sound & excitement of The Beatles, with every song performed totally live and in its original key. More info »

Price: £1180 upwards

Travel: First 50 miles are free, then £1.50 for every extra mile. Accommodation must be provided on top if over 175 miles travel from home area.

The Torquay Beatles

The Torquay Beatles are one of the best sound-a-like Beatles Tributes in the country. Offering a stunning show of up to 4 x sets from the major different eras of the band. A fully 'self-contained' show including disco. More info »

Price: £1400 and upwards

Travel: First 50 miles are free, then £3 for every extra mile. Accommodation must be provided on top if over 150 miles travel, or band can provide own accommodation at price shown above.

The Trowbridge Beatles

The Trowbridge Beatles are a five piece band renowned for their storming live shows. In full Pepper regalia the band performs the most complex Beatles songs completely live and with a tight and compact sound. More info »

Price: £1300 and upwards

Travel: First 50 miles no charge, then £2.50 per mile to cover fuel costs and hours on the road. Accommodation charge above must be included when travel is over 100 miles from home area.
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