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the portsmouth beatles

Click for more images of: the portsmouth beatles--southampton The Silver Beatles, voted 2nd best Beatles tribute in the World!, re-create the sound, look and feel of the original band to a level guaranteed to have you 'dancing like your Dad'.
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Everyone knows about the sixties band 'The Beatles'. They changed the face of popular music forever and are still as popular today as they were in the sixties.

'The Silver Beatles' are a Portsmouth based tribute to the original band and play concerts as authentically as possible to recreate 'The Beatles' live shows. Their spectacular performances have been remarked upon by Cynthia Lennon who is quoted as saying "they are lookalike, soundalike, and even thinkalike - it's uncanny!" With the aid of backdrops, wigs, specially tailored suits and all original sixties equipment, including Vox amplifiers and period guitars, they will give you an evening that will take you back 30 years, but you will certainly come away feeling 30 years younger - if that's possible!

'The Silver Beatles' are able to cover at least four significant eras of the Fab Four, which include the famous Cavern Club, Beatlemania, Shea Stadium, and their last live performance on the rooftop of the Apple Building in Savile Row. In each particular set they create an atmosphere that will have you 'dancing like your Dad', appealing to all generations in those lovable moptops.
Most of 'The Silver Beatles' shows take the form of two forty-minute spots although they know enough material to play for a lot longer (80 songs in total). They have gone one step further and have put together a 'Silver Beatle Spectacular' which is a four part show documenting an of the above live performances by using comprehensive stage sets, costume changes for each spot and ft has a more theatrical flavour with various walk on parts for other actors.

The band has recently worked with several all-time sixties' favorites including 'The Merseybeats' and 'The Quarrymen' performing in theatres throughout the UK on a show which celebrated 'The Beatles' by those who were part of their story. The show was introduced and compared by Cynthia Lennon and featured appearances by Denny Lame of 'The Moody Blues' and later 'Wings', and Twinkle singing her hit song 'Terry'.

The show was reviewed by The Daily Telegraph who are quoted as saying "More entertaining still are the Silver Beatles. Cover bands are big business these days, but this quartet are clearly a cut above most with suits, mop-tops and jerking stage maneuvers all in place as they blast out From Me to You, Roll Over Beethoven and Please Please Me with note perfect aplomb".

'The Silver Beatles' cater for all types of events including conventions, corporate and private functions, and play at numerous Universities, where they particularly appeal to Students. The band have had a number of reviews in various publications, in particular, one written by Tony Jackson who is the original lead-singer of The Searchers, who is quoted as saying "oozing confidence, The Silver Beatles are simply the best Beatle-cover band around. A thirty-minute set of early material in front of a Cavern backdrop earned a rapturous ovation and rightly so - these boys will go far." 'The Beatles Book', world-famous for being the original official monthly magazine, published a review by Alan Clayson who wrote 'The Know The North waist-coats and fab-gear winsomeness were flawless, the Silver Beatles captured that same ramshackle grandeur."

After appearing at the Liverpool Beatles Convention, the Silver Beatles are currently securing bookings in America and Japan for 1997 and have been rated No.2 amongst the most popular Beatles tribute bands in the World by the music magazine 'Mojo' - October 1996 Edition.

TV appearances include; The Selina Scott Show - Cable TV, Yorkshire Gold Tonight (Documentary), The Big Breakfast Show - Channel 4, and Meridian Tonight - Southern Region. The Band have also worked alongside the Supermodel Linda Eyangelista for Vogue Magazine (America), modeling sixties fashion which was shot at prime locations across London for a major American design company. The photoshoot was filmed and later produced as a modeling documentary for VH-1 Cable TV.
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1075 for 2 x 45 minute sets plus costume change and encores. This DOESNT include any PA or stage gear. Band provide their back line of instruments ONLY, venue must supply PA and lighting.

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the portsmouth beatles--southampton

the portsmouth beatles--southampton

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