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the bromley beatles

Click for more images of: the bromley beatles--london The Bromley Beatles, regarded by many as the UK's finest, provide the most accurate representation you can get with four dedicated band members emulating their characters both vocally and visually with complete accuracy.
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The group use authentic Vox amplifiers and original instruments. Formerly known as The Counterfeit Beatles, the name was changed to reflect an improvement in the lineup. Since then the band has gone from strength to strength working with and for top line entertainers such as Brian Conley, Noddy Holder, Pauline Quirke, Wee Willie Harris, Jeremy Beadle, Linda Luscardi, and Mike Reid. Previous venues include The London Beatles Fan Club, The Palace Hotel Manchester, The London Dorchester Hotel, The Danson Park Festival Kent, Redbridge Festival Essex, Pinewood film studios, The London Hard Rock Café and The Venue in New Cross. In 2002 the band did a National Lottery promotion for Camelot.

The band reproduces all their songs with astounding accuracy to the point where it becomes impossible to distinguish the sound from the original recordings. As an added bonus the mannerisms and the on stage humour make the experience eerily believable and is positively an experience that no Beatle fan would want to miss.

The Band Members:

Name: George
Date of Birth: 08.09.1976
Role: Paul McCartney
Equipment: 1973 Hofner 500/1 Bass, T125 VOX Bass Amp
Joined since: December 2004, after impressing the band with his version of 'Long Tall Sally', 'I'm Down' and Lucille
Favourite song: Can't Buy Me Love

In his own words: From the age of 6 years, I have been listening to the Beatles and was particularly interested in Lennon's songs. I liked his first-person writing he did, as apposed to McCartney usually writing in the third person. I remember I got my first guitar at the age of 11, and I played it so often that my mom had to stop me on multiple occasions. Not very a very good incentive to keep on playing, but I was persistent and eventually I was able to play a whole song!
When I got into high school, I formed a band. It was just a school band, but we rocked! Amit Chandell on drums; that guy was amazing! I think he was the only one who was REALLY talented, and it helped us a lot attracting the girls from neighbouring schools, to the discontent of the teachers, who thought it was just elementary noise. I think there's still a recording of us somewhere out there. Better keep it hidden.

I really started to get into playing when I formed 'Loaded'; a band consisting of my best friends I had at the time. We played all over the Caribbean for 6 months. Just imagine what it's like being one of only a few real rock bands in the West Indies! We ended up sticking together for 7 years; the longest relationship I've ever had! 'Out Of Thin Air', an album I wrote in 2001 - which I still think is a great album -, was the last thing we did together.

I lived in Holland for a few years and worked together with one of the finest musicians Holland had to offer. I did lots of ad-lib stuff with Frank Kooijman, a talented musician whom I still work with today, did a tour through Scandinavia, and played on several pop festivals in the country.

Now on to the Beatles, so see you soon in a theatre near you!

Name: Martin
Star sign: Gemini
Role: John Lennon
Equipment: 1997 Rickenbacker 325 reissue, AC30 VOX Amp
Joined since: The founder of the band in 2000
Favourite song: Twist And Shout

In his own words: I was way too young to remember The Beatles, but became intrigued by my father's record collection. Once I had played Rubber Soul I became totally hooked and have been an avid fan ever since. When I was 17, I acquired my first Hofner Violin Bass, but later swapped it for a Rickenbacker when it was pointed out to me that I sounded exactly like John Lennon and not so much like McCartney.
I have been in several bands over the years and used to write a lot in the old days (Yes, you guessed it; in the style of The Beatles!). We used to play in the Thomas Becket, 100 Club, and the Rock Garden to name just a few. We had a huge following, but we never quite clinched that record deal, despite having help from Chris Difford from legendary chart-topping band Squeeze.

In the mid 1980's, I put together a band called The Stopouts and we had great fun performing at holiday camps, clubs and pubs, playing middle-of-the-road classics.

I formed The Counterfeit Beatles in the mid-nineties, which started off really well until the original band split after 18 months. Since then, 2 of the original members (myself and Fred - Ringo) have become the driving force behind The Bromley Beatles. We recently have 2 new authentic additions in George who plays Paul, and Paul who plays George (both confusing & spooky!) As well as the band, I have performed for the last 7 years in a 'Lennon McCartney Duo', which is a condensed version of the band.

I have traveled extensively having performed in Spain, Greece, Canary Islands, Jersey, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Soon we'll be in your area!

Name: Paul
Star sign: Leo
Role: George Harrison
Equipment: 2001 Epiphone Sheraton, Fender Stage 112
Joined since: 8 June 2005, after the band saw Paul play at an Elvis Costello gig
Favourite song: Here Comes The Sun

In his own words: I started my love affair with The Beatles when I was about 4 years old in Liverpool. Luckily for me my mum and dad had a few Beatles albums and I spent lots of time singing along and going to the child like world of Pepperland and the sea of green.
I soon progressed from dancing and singing to the tennis racket, pretending to play all of George's guitar parts. I started playing the guitar and drums when I was 18 and managed to get into Music College the next year, spending two years. I was pleased to find The Beatles were the main musical examples used by our teachers.

Since then I have played in numerous bands touring Britain and Europe, and have been part of theatre shows including a theatrical production of Sgt.Pepper. It's great to be playing those great songs again, and I'm sure it shows when were on stage!

Name: Fred
Star sign: Gemini
Role: Ringo Star
Equipment: Drums
Joined since: The co-founder of the band in 2000
Favourite song: She Loves You

In his own words: I have been playing the drums for more than 20 years now! I was the original drummer with the Counterfeit Beatles. I have played extensively all over Europe, which I thought was great! The one thing I am very proud of is the fact that I recorded in the Abbey Road Studios in Studio 2, where The Beatles themselves recorded.

My love for The Beatles has always been with me. I remember the very first album I got from my mom. It was Please Please Me, and I immediately was hooked on their harmonic voices, strong guitar, and rhythmic songs. I have played in a number of bands, but I seem to come back to playing The Beatles every time!

I'm an actor, and have performed in many plays and TV Shows in the UK. I used to do stand-up shows, until one night I got booed off, and decided I had more than enough of that!

I've known Martin for ever. We've played in several bands and projects with each other for many years, and I think we're great doing what we're doing. I once met Zak Starkey and he thought it was really cool playing his dad!

Lennon and McCartney Duo:

In their charismatic stage show, the Lennon and McCartney Duo capture the magic and sheer excitement that was once the Beatles. A top-class act known nationally and internationally, these accomplished musicians bring to life the songs that shaped an era.

Martin and George have toured successfully in the UK and abroad as the Lennon and McCartney of the band. They have done a range of shows in stadiums, as well private functions. The quality and authenticity of their sound is unrivalled. Visually, they recreate the heady atmosphere of Beatlemania with characteristic on-stage humour, mannerisms and Liverpool accents. Superb outfits and instruments, accurate in every detail, complete the look for the best Beatles tribute show ever!
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£705 for 2 x 1 hour sets as the Lennon and McCartney Duo, within M25.

Price includes 1K vocal rig and 4 spot 'T' bar lighting.

Travel Charge: Free within M25, then £1 for every extra mile outside M25. Accommodation must be provided on top if over 250 miles travel.

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the bromley beatles--london

the bromley beatles--london

the bromley beatles--london

the bromley beatles--london

the bromley beatles--london

the bromley beatles--london

the bromley beatles--london

the bromley beatles--london

the bromley beatles--london

the bromley beatles--london

the bromley beatles--london

the bromley beatles--london

the bromley beatles--london

the bromley beatles--london

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