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site help, tips and faq

Basic steps explained

The basic steps to using this site are detailed below in order. For more information call the office during normal business hours on 07973 428 326.


enter the date of your event
you can now view available bands on the UK map

Firstly enter your event date in the 'event date' box and click the 'search' button to see which bands are available. Bands will be displayed as one of the five different types below:

Flashing Green Flag - Available new 21daysBand that display as flashing green/white flags have updated as available in the last 21 days.
Green Flag - Available old 21daysBands that display as green flags were available when checked last but this was now over 21 days ago
Yellow Flag - Possible/PendingBands that display as yellow flags were still available when checked last but did have a customer already enquiring, they may still be available now.
Red Flag - Not AvailableBands that display as red flags have a booking already for this date or are unavailable to work.
Grey Flag - Empty/No DataBands that display as a 'gray' flag have no data stored for this date yet so need to be requested to refresh their information.

See the next step 2 for details.


select the update availability link
this will refresh the band's availability for this date

Next, click the 'request update' button to send a quick message to all the bands to update their availability for your chosen date. This is all done automatically, all you need to do is click the button. Also on this page is a box to enter your email address, so we can send you a quick email to inform you when bands have replied to your update request. We promise your email is safe with us and WON'T be used for any other purpose. Once bands have updated their information, this will be displayed on the UK map.
(If you have sufficient flashing green/white flags in step 1, you may want to skip this step and move straight on to step 4.)


find definitely available bands for your event date,
definitely available bands will display a flashing green/white flag

Now the information on the UK map will be fresh and right up to date. All the bands on the UK map will displayed in one of the five colours as mentioned in step 1, flashing green/white, green, yellow, red or gray. If all bands have returned information, there will be no gray flags. Dates will show next to their availability information as to when they last updated.


type in your event details and get quotes
by sending them to the bands of your choice

You can add your event details at any stage above, all you need to do is create an account so they can be saved. You will then be able to return to them at a later stage to view quotes and messages by logging in. Once you have entered your event details, you can send them to available bands to get quotes for your event. You can even send them to ALL the bands! The bands will then check out your event details and return their quotes. Once a quote has been received back from a band, you'll be notified by email to login and check the new information.


send messages to the bands you are most interested in
to further refine your quotes

Now you have received some quotes, you can send messages to the individual bands to refine your event details further. This will allow you to clearing up any specific event requirements you may have, like other acts on the same booking who may like to share PA costs, specific arrival times, performance costumes or costume changes etc. This step includes the option to request a re-quote from the band.


complete the special information box
and accept the quote

You will now be at the final stage of completing your event details. Although you will have discussed the finer points of your event with the bands through messages, you now have to make sure this is all clearly mentioned in the event details. Information in the messages WON'T be printed legally binding in the booking contract when printed in the next step, so this needs to be broken down and added in the 'special information' box.


print and sign your paperwork,
and pay your deposit as final confirmation of the booking!

Now you have received some quotes, you can send messages to the individual bands to refine your event details further, regarding their quote and your specific event requirements. This includes the option to request a re-quote from the band.

frequently asked questions

The basic steps to using this site are detailed below in order. For more information call the office on the number above.

1.) Travel and charges

Large amounts of travel are usual and part of everyday life for a busy tribute band. As tribute bands are a specialist area to work in, it stands to reason that you won't get booked every week in your local area, so travel is very expected as part of the job. Although all bands are shown with their location in the UK, 150 miles to a gig is not unusual for them, i.e.: London to Birmingham. Most bands are willing to travel 150 miles or more, some even for no travel charge on top of their usual price! So don't worry if your most local band isn't available, but you can expect travel charges if you enquire with band from Newcastle for a gig is in London! Travel charges can be calculated from the information on each band's page. The band may often quote LESS than the calculation will result in, but it should give you a pretty accurate idea of the quote you'll receive.

2.) PA size

The larger the number of guests you have at a function the large PA the band will require to play to them without over loading their equipment. This DOESN'T mean you need a small PA for a small number of people, as there is always a volume control! A professional band will use the required amount of volume for the situation without over powering their audience with unnecessary volume. A larger PA running at half volume will only result in a better quality of music. To work out how much PA is required for a certain audience size, we have producing the following list. This is only a rough guide, your band will be able to advise more accurately, based on the actual equipment they use. Less than < 1K PA (1000W) = 100 people, 1K (1000W) = 150 people, 2K (2000W) = 250 people, 3K(3000W) = 350 people, 4k (4000W) = 450 people, 5K (5000K) = 550 people and upwards.

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